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How it works:

Stonecrop Farm proudly offers a subscription bouquet service for every budget.  Stonecrop will grow a wide variety of flowers at our farm in Newport and arrange them into a fabulous bouquet for you to pick up in Blacksburg.  You pay for all these bouquets now, and it helps us farmers pay for our propane, buy our seeds, and order our supplies.  

First, decide how many weeks you would like to receive bouquets.  We have three different options for you to choose from: 4 weeks, 10 weeks, or 20 weeks. Want to maximize your bouquets? Purchase a Spring Share and a Summer share for 24 weeks of flowers. 


Second, decide on a pick up location.  We deliver share bouquets to Blacksburg every Wednesday afternoon to two different locations. These locations are Eats and Annie Kay's.  The location you pick stays the same for the length of your subscription

Third, pick up your bouquet!  Swing by your selected delivery location and make the tough decision about which arrangement will go home with you.  Your Flower Share includes a weekly email to remind you to pick up your bouquet and to let you know what is growing at the farm.

Missing a week? If you’ll be away for a bouquet delivery, we recommend asking a friend or family member to pick up your arrangement that week. Alternatively, we offer the option of donating your bouquet to someone in need of flowers.  Just give us a bit of notice to plan our delivery schedule.

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