Dinner plate dahlias great for stopping customers in their tracks at market or putting your best foot forward in a focal point arrangement.  We even love the unopened buds as a fantastic texture in bouquets or arbor work… which is great as there are so very many of them.

  • Shipping Information

    We will start shipping dahlia orders March 2021. When you place and pay for your order you will receive a confirmation email. You will receive a second email the day your order ships in March letting you know that it has been sent. All orders will be shipped via USPS. Our dahlia tubers will be packed in vermiculite or perlite and are able to withstand shipping. Please, open and store, or plant appropriately upon receipt.

  • Growing Information

    Plant tubers after spring frost in well drained soil in full sun.  Plant 4-6" deep and 18-24" apart. Most plants will be between 36-48" and should be staked or netted. To help avoid rot, wait to water tubers until they have sprouted. Dahlias will bloom from summer until the first frost. Dead-head or cut for continuous blooms. 

    Dahlias are not winter hardy. You must dig and store the dahlias appropriately from year to year. 

  • Pick Up Information


    Live locally?  We will allow local buyers to pick up their dahlia tubers at the Blacksburg Farmers Market. We will not allow farm pick up. If you choose this option you will be sent an email spring 2021 with a notification of your pick up date.  Pick up dates will be in April and you must be available to pick up at the Blacksburg Farmers Market on a Saturday. Choose the pick up option at check out. If you are unable to pick up your tubers they will be shipped to you with an additional cost for shipping.


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