Pro-rated Summer Share

Pro-rated Summer Share

Treat yourself to flowers! The farm has flowers to spare and is opening up our popular Summer Share to some lucky flower enthusiasts. This pro-rated share will run Wednesday, August 19 through Wednesday, October 7th. What we grow varies from year to year but you will be sure to see some classic blossoms. These end of summer shares will be full of late season favorites; dahlias and lisianthus! 

  • Share Dates

    The pro-rated Summer Share runs Wednesday, August 19 through Wednesday, October 7th.  The Classic Share equals eight weeks of flowers throughout the rest of the summer and into the fall for $125.

  • Pick Up Information

    The pro-rated Summer Flower Share is delivered to Eats Natural Foods or to Annie Kay’s Main Street Market. Shares will be dropped off on Wednesday afternoons and will be held at the store until Thursday end of day. The location you choose is where you will pick up your flowers for the duration of the share. 

  • Is this a gift?

    Under pick-up location include:

    • Gift for "First and Last Name" of who you would like the flower share to go to.
    • If you want it to be a suprise enter the date of when you will be notifiying them of their gift.

    Under the email address field:

    • Enter the email address and phone number of the person receiveing the share.
    • We will contact them directly to send information about the flower share and to determine a pick up location. Happy gifting!

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