The Addict Share

If you noticed, there are a few weeks between the Spring and Summer Shares.  For a limited number of bouquet junkies, you may sign up to be a flower addict.  You’ll receive all four of the Spring Share bouquets, all of the Classic Share arrangements and bouquets to fill in the gaps between the two shares.  For you, there will be 27 weeks of share deliveries throughout the entire growing season, Spring through Fall.  The Addict Share runs Wednesday, April 8 through Wednesday, October 7th.  

  • Share Dates

    Pending no major interruption from Mother Nature, the Addict Share runs Wednesday, April 8 through Wednesday, October 7th.  The Addict Share is twenty-seven weeks of bouquets at a slightly discounted per bouquet price for a total of $425. 

  • Pick Up Information

    The Addict Flower Share is only delivered to Eats and Annie Kay's for the first 4 weeks of the share. Shares will be dropped off on Wednesday afternoons and will be held at the store until Thursday end of day. For Addict Shareholders the location you choose can be changed to Crossfit 460 or Warm Hearth after the first 4 weeks. Please let us know where you would like to pick up your share initially and if you would like to change it after the first 4 weeks. If you change your pick up location that is where you will pick it up for the remainder of the share.  

  • Is this a gift?

    Under pick-up location include:

    • Gift for "First and Last Name" of who you would like the flower share to go to.
    • If you want it to be a suprise enter the date of when you will be notifiying them of their gift.

    Under the email address field:

    • Enter the email address and phone number of the person receiveing the share.
    • We will contact them directly to send information about the flower share and to determine a pick up location. Happy gifting!

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