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Stonecrop Farm was launched in 2003 when Bert Webster and Gwynn Hamilton moved to family land in Giles County, Virginia. We have spent the last 20 years adding organic fertility and carving out terraces from the thin mountain soil. We’ve removed countless trailers of rocks and rotated cover crops to add in organic matter. The seeds we have sown have changed over the years. What began as vegetable-based harvest specializing in salad greens with a few flowers has morphed into a small flower farm with a few vegetables we can’t give up. Today, our terraces and greenhouses produce the New River Valley’s finest cut flowers. Our team works to create stunning arrangements suitable for the table or altar. Over these twenty years, we have been joined by 38 crew members — some just for a short stint, others for as many as five seasons. When we think back on the years, it is often the memories of the team that stand out. We are proud to support the four flower farms that former Stonecroppers have launched. Several others have gone on to start their own agriculture or flower-related businesses. Our team contributes florals for more than forty events each season and has been a part of 241 weddings since the first family invited us to grace their daughter’s celebration. We love to get to know our couples and then watch as their families grow and change over the years as they visit market. We strive to educate our clients and customers in the care and arrangement of their flowers and in the importance of selecting locally-grown blossoms. This ranges from a quick how-to at market to workshops and events around town. For our 20th anniversary year, we have scheduled a season of workshops and special events to celebrate with our community. It is a year of appreciation. We are so fortunate to have amazing community support, dedicated customers, and venues that trust us and send business our way. We hope you will be a part of this and future years as a market customer, bouquet subscriber, or event client. Here’s to the folks that keep this small family farm humming!

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